Saturday, April 23, 2011

Silver Rock

Hi Everyone,

Honestly, writing these two words above was one of the strangest things i did recently... it is so strange as i have not written anything in here for so long, and the reason for that is in the post below.
i am not sure how to start this post as i am definitely out of practice but i hope to get back into it as i am planning to post something AT LEAST every 2 weeks or so, i hope to do it every week, however i do have a very busy schedule and many things are happening in my life, and many things happened in my life in the past months here is a quick summary of it:

as you know from the blog below I HAVE FELL IN LOVE AGAIN! and i'd like to introduce you to Justin <3

as you can also see i have completely changed my image ;)

how do you like my new red hair??


OH!! and Justin has moved in hehe ... :)

i also went to Disney with Justin and his family in March, here are some fun pics from that:

these were some fun times :D

i also got promoted at my work and am currently working as a Human Resources Information System Administrator and i absolutely ADORE my job and what i do, it is all based on my favourite software which is Excel and each day i have an exciting project to prepare :)

so this is basically a summary of my life now, if i left out anything this time around i am sure you'll find out about it soon enough :P

but lets get to the business!!

this is going to be a very simple make up post with just a simple rock and roll look and if you wish to find out what products i used and techniques you'll have to wait just a bit longer as this is only a preview :)

a little preview of the next post ;)

also new look next time around with much colour and fun! ;)

i hope you enjoyed this post and i hope you will come back again soon to check out the new posts :D

Cheers!!!!! XOXO


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