Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MAC Yellow and Purple Make Up Tutorial

Hello Everyone :)

So i looked at the poll results and i see that majority of you want to see more make up tutorials :) Not a problem :D here is one!!!
LOL seems like now i will have much more time to create videos since today was my last day at my college, all exams are done and over with and i am a FREE woman!!!!... well except for the face that i need to find a full time job now LOL BUT IT FEEL SOOOOOO GOOD to be done with school!!
anyway enough of that blabber LOL

Here is the video:

I hope you enjoyed it!!!!!

Looking forward to comments, requests and suggestions :)


Monday, April 19, 2010

Smokey Eye Tutorial - Video

Hi Everyone!

I know that most of you are familiar with the following tutorial since this is just a video version of the Smokey Eye Tutorial from March. I decided to put it in a video format for my YouTube fans :P

Here it is:

The music is awesome so go ahead and watch if you want even if you know the content :D


Friday, April 16, 2010

Sheer Arabic Eye

Hi My Lovelies :)

so... i was watching this interview about what kind of make up is going to be in style for spring and one lady there said that sheer colours rather that intense, full coverage colours. I figured I would do something with it, so here it is :)

Products I used:
Faces eye primer
Eyeshadows are from BOS II
from the top
- Sellout
Then Pigment Azalea from Ben Nye
cont'd with BOS II
- Ecstasy
-Half Baked
-Nylon (inner part of the lid)
Eyeliner from Faces
Mascara L'Oreal Voluminous

here are the other views

I hope you like it :D

Thank you for reading and following
i'm looking forward to comments, requests and suggestions :)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Klaudia and...her hands :P

Hi My Lovely Followers

I though it would be so cool to show you something i discovered today :P i knew that the picture would eventually be sent to the public but i didn't know when or how, so today i went on the blog of my Make up school and found this

you're probably thinking as to why i'm so excited about the picture above hehe
well the right top corner hands are mine LOL i thought it was so cute :P
this picture was taken when i went to my school for my orientation and they just happened to be in the middle of a fun photo shoot, i lend them my hands as my Program Coordinator states on the Academy's blog :P Click here to see the blog, it's the March 21st post

anyway here is my quick update on my life while i struggle with my flu and a new condition: my growing in wisdom tooth... ALL AT ONCE... why?!?!?! ... ugh...

OH and i wanted to THANK ALL YOU SWEET GIRLS that have been leaving me such nice get well comments :) I appreciate them so much, they make me feel a sooo much better :) I cant wait to get back on my feet, be done with exams and have time to post ALL THE NEW LOOKS that are piling in my head :P

Love you guys


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Update

Hello Everyone :)

I felt i needed to explain my disappearance so here i am.. I have been extremely busy with exams and on top of that I HAVE A FLU.... :( and i have been sick since last Thursday... it's really getting to me, i try and sleep a lot and i'm taking all kinds of meds and nothing is really helping... hopefully it will end soon! I promise you i will have a new look uploaded sometime tomorrow or Friday and possibly a video Tutorial :)

I hope you are all doing well, i will talk to you soon ♥♥♥


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brown Eyed Beauties

Hello Lovely Brown Eyed Beauties :)

AND BLUE AND GREEN AND HAZEL AND GREY lol Don't worry this make up tips will work for all of you :D
I have received a request from my friend to make a post on how to bring out brown eyes and how to make them spark! :) and i love the challenge! haha
I myself don't have brown eyes, as you know, therefore a bit of photoshop and anything can be done :P

here is a simple smokey purple eye that i believe works great for all brown eyes no matter what the skin colour is, works for light and dark skin :)

what i used was the 120 palette to achieve it.

Here are my suggestions about what specific colours to use to achieve the bright brown eye:

For light skin tones i would use lavender colours and muted purples otherwise it may bring out the unwanted imperfections of the face, fig 1 by MAC is good option because its matte, muted and dark and MAC's Beautiful Iris its a nice lavender colour, also UD's AC/DC which is a dark purple for smokey eye

For darker skin tones i would go all out and use bright purples, light but still visible purples :) try: MAC's Vibrant Grape or Creme de Violet and UD's Ecstasy which is a light purple (make sure to wear good base underneath to make the colour stand out)

that's it for purples, other colours i love to use on brown eyes are SIVERS! they make your browns sparkle uncontrollably HAHA
If you don't want to wear silver eyeshadow, you can even use it as an accent for example: silver eyeliner, when doing a natural or brown look :)

other than that blues, teals, and greens work well

and... i know that not too many people like pinks, for many reasons, they are hard to find and they are hard to match with your skin, but when you do get a nice pink try and work it :)

for light skin use lighter tones of pink and for darker skin use darker, brighter tones of pink:)

I can't tell you what to use and what not to use these are just suggestions and i used MAC and UD as examples because they are easy to find and you can match a good colour with any of them because these colours are available to look at on line, don't feel like you have to use these brands :D
Click here to visit MAC on line store

I hope this was helpful for you :) I will be posting tutorials for blue, green, gray and hazel eyes also :)
Thanks for reading and commenting :D


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Video On Lush

Hello Everyone!

I am soon going to post new EOTD so don't worry, i just need to upload the pictures and probably tomorrow after my make up class you will see a new look for the BROW EYED BEAUTIES :) stay tuned :)



Thanks for watching :)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Make Up Ideas Video

Hi Everyone!

I have created another video to give the Youtubers a view into my work, most of you are familiar with the content of this video, it's cute though, with a nice soundtrack from Lady Gaga - Alejandro

Lots of ♥


Monday, April 5, 2010

Fairy Look Contest :)

Hello Everyone :)

I just went on Nikki's blog and i just realized that i have never posted my Fairy Look Contest Look so here it is :) i did it a while ago so i don't really remember what i used for it, i know i used 120 palette for sure but i'm not sure about the details, here it is:

here is a full face view, i added a bit of purple eyeshadow to my blush and made me lips really stand out:

again, i'm sorry there is no links to products i used but i did it so long ago :P

Thanks for following, reading and commenting

Lots of love!!!


Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hello Everyone!

This doesn't need any more description :D

CHECK IT OUT!!! i hope you will like it i was so nervous and i edited it a lot :P let me know what you think :)


Saturday, April 3, 2010

First day @ Make Up Academy :D

Hi Everyone :)

Many of you by now know i have just started my make up school!!! i'm absolutely in love with the program already and i had so much fun the first day.. omg.. where to start???... there is so many thing i want to tell you and i have no idea where to start haha
alright so from the beginning:
i started looking into make up colleges about 3-4 months ago but nothing seemed to interest me because the course was either too long or it was not concentrated mainly on make up artistry or it was just out of my price range... :S
so i started looking at academies! i found few that i was interested in and i scheduled orientations with them to find out more and choose the one that would suit me best! :) i finally found THE ONE!!!! i'm not going to mention the name of it because i did not ask my program coordinator whether i could do so, i might ask later and let you know :)
so from the beginning i really liked my program coordinator and i loved what the school had to offer, they were very concentrated on make up artistry.
the courses i choose came in a bundle which made it cheaper in the long run. i believe there is a beginner make up course then there is film and fashion make up, airbrush course, fantasy make up and permanent lashes extension (exciting!). the tuition also covers the starters kit for each of the courses :) and let me tell you, the kit itself is worth going to the school HAHA :) just kidding! lol but really on Thursday (which was my first day) we got our make up cases.. FULL of MAC AND MUFE cosmetics! IT WAS BETTER THAN A CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!!!!!!!! you will see later on what was in the case, in my soon to come videos :) thats is also very exciting :)
The other 2 girls that are taking the same courses at the same time are also very lovely :) we clicked the first day we met and even had a lunch together at Timmies :) yes, only 2 other girls, lol the academy wants to have minimal classes to give as much attention to individuals as possible (that is another reason as to why i chose that school) out trainer is very nice also and very knowledgeable :) she has worked for many cosmetic companies in the make up artistry department so she is definitely going to fill our heads with amazing information and tricks as well as teach us great techniques and make up ethics :) oh one more thing, its rather funny, hehe we got a rubber face to practice on lol i named mine Sally sort for Salmacis :) i will introduce you to her later on :)
i have learned so much the first day and i will do my best to share that knowledge with you in my videos that i am planning to start posting very soon :D

Thanks for stopping by and reading :)


Friday, April 2, 2010

Lovebird - Kaiu

Hello Everyone :D

Today i am posting a make up which was inspired by our new family bird. it's a love bird and it's name is Kaiu :) It's loud and very cute haha! One day i did just a simple teal and green make up (you can see on upper lid) and when i went to see Kaiu I realized that the colours match him perfectly except for my make up was missing the bright blue colour which is underneath Kaiu's wings, I decided to add it along with some white colour to separate the colours and that's what came out of it :)

Products used:
MAC e/s Aquadisiac
MAC e/s Green Smoke
MAC e/s Vanilla
Ben Nye pigment in Cosmic Blue
Ben Nye pigment in Sun Yellow
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
GOSH Extreme 2 Step Mascara

here are other views:

I hope you like this one :)
I was not able to get a proper picture of my bird because he is such a "chicken" every time i wanted to take a picture he would fly away and i was not able to catch his colours on the camera. So here is a picture of a bird that looks just like him:

this one is cute too :o)

Alright hehe... thanks for reading and commenting! i hope you are having a lovely weekend and a nice holiday (to those who celebrate Easter, HAPPY EASTER! )


Threes Tag! FUN :D

TAG: 3 of Me

I got tagged by Sanny at :D
I'm so happy you tagged me in this post :) It's really cute and fun!

3 Names I go by:
❤ Klaudia
❤ Klaudster (boyfriend's sister)
❤ Loopy (by my boyfriend)

3 Jobs I've had:
❤ Salad Bar
❤ Supervisor at Childcare Centre
❤ Bank Call Centre

3 Places I've lived:
❤ Poland (born and lived there until I was 14)
❤ France (when i was 5)
❤ Canada (since i was 14)

3 Favourite drinks:
❤ Lemon Juice
❤ Ginger Ale
❤ Butter Scotch Hot Smoothie

3 TV shows I watch:
❤ In Treatment
... sorry i don't watch much TV

3 Places I've been:
❤ Czech Republic
❤ Austria

3 Places I'd like to visit:
❤ Australia!!!
❤ Spain
❤ Fiji

3 People who text me regularly:
❤ my Boyfriend
❤ boyfriend's sister (BBM)
❤ my best friend

3 Favourite old TV shows:
❤ Sailor Moon!!!
❤ Full House
❤ Buggs Bunny

3 Favourite dishes:
❤ Thai-pad thai
❤ Indian-any!
❤ Polish-pierogi (there is no "s" at the end lol)

3 Make-up products I can't live without:
❤ Powder Foundation (Faces)
❤ Blush - any... just something rosy
❤ Mascara (voluminous)

Three People I tag are:
1. Special K
2. Lipstick Rules
3. Lora

Have Fun Girls!!! :)



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