Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hi Everyone :) Update on my life

This is not a post for make up.. it has not much to do with it in fact.. this is an update from my life. I am letting you know this in case you are not interested in my personal life. So keep reading if you are interested as to why i was away for so long...
Oh my... it has been so long... I can't even believe i am doing this right now. This is going to be a typical but not a typical for MY blog, post. this post will contain no make up pictures just an update on my life. I feel i owe you guys so many apologies and i owe you so many posts with make up. I have such amazing fans and you mean so much to me, you always made me feel great even when the days were worse, you have always brought my spirits up when i was sad and when i felt lonely. I miss you and i am very sorry i was away for so long... i swear it was never my intention. I did not do it by choice... in fact i had no choice and my life went to complete s*** for a while.
I have gone through a lo since my last post in May... in fact during that time i was already in a tough situation but i was still able to do what i love because even though everything was taken away from me i still had my make up and i still had a camera.. after that last post in May... there was no more hope, my camera was taken from me and the only thing left was make up... and that doesn't do the job if you want to post on the blog, does it...
well i feel like i should give you explanation to all this and this is why i am writing this.
my ex-boyfriend (ex-common in-law) and i split... went our separate ways (which i am now very happy about) and since i was in Canada all alone and i have invested everything in him and life with him, i was left with nothing when we split. he has demanded all the things that were ours to be his, and that included the camera.. :( since then i needed to find a place to live and find a job that would pay me because i didn't have a job at the time when i was with him because i was attending full time college, Make up school and then i was in full time co-op (unpaid) for my HR career. I feel i was cheated because he decided we should not be together right after we have decided i would quit my job that paid me.. so thats why i was not able to purchase camera and pay for internet.
Currently, I have a full time job that pays (i have worked very hard at my co-op position and they have given me a job) i have a place to live and it has internet (thats why i am able to write this:) and... i am in a relationship with the most wonderful man on the Earth...
he is truly the love of my life, has been here for me in the worst time of my life, first a friend whom i'd give everything for and now my dear boyfriend whom i'd give even more than everything for. He has been a solid support for me for the last few months and i don't know where i would be right now, who i would be right now if it was not for him and his love.
I still don't have a camera and this is why i am not able to create a post with make up but i am slowly but surely saving money for it and i know i will be able to post some Make-Up Posts for you guys....

anyway ... if you want to contact me personally please e-mail me at k_sklodowska@hotmail.com otherwise feel free to leave a comment below.. i'd love to hear from you again.. like i said I HAVE MISSED YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! <3 <3 <3




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