Friday, August 5, 2011

Hana Flat Iron - Review

Hello Everyone,

It is my pleasure to introduce You to an amazing product I had the chance to try out.
This is Hana Flat Iron

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I have been contacted by John who is running a family business that specializes in Flat Irons and Hair Dryers. He offered to send me a sample of one of their best products, which is a Flat Iron “Hana”. I said it was a pleasure because it has in fact been the best straightener/flat iron I have used until now. A few months back, maybe a year ago, I bought a pricy straightener and I really liked it, it worked well and it always made my hair as straight as I wanted it to. I had no major complaints. HOWEVER, when I used Hana Flat Iron I was shocked at how much better it actually was than the old straightener I have. It, in a way, opened my eyes to all the little things about the old straightener I didn't like, but never realized because I figured it couldn't be that bad, I thought it was the best they got, they were minor things, yet after using the new Hana Flat Iron I realized they were not that minor and they actually made a big difference in how well it worked and how comfortable it was to use.
For instant: with my old straightener at first I thought it was pretty smooth when I was using it on my hair, only after using the Hana Flat Iron did I realize that it wasn't as smooth as Hana! It just glides though your hair and doesn't pull a single piece, it left me in shock after I was done, and it honestly took me 5 minutes to go from this to this.


Not one hair has left my head and I loved it! I believe this is Hana’s best quality.

Hana Flat Iron is very light and comfortable to use. It is made out of 100% China Ceramic material and it looks stunning! The plates are like mirrors, which makes it very esthetically pleasing and the entire straightener looks very classy.

The Plates are also a very good width which allows for faster effects. There is a temperature adjustment therefore you are able to use it no matter what kind of hair you have, you can even use it if you have very thin, fine hair, put it on low and straighten away! For thick hair put it on high and your locks will be tamed :)
The cable is a perfect length, in the morning when I get ready for work I walk around a lot in my bedroom to get everything ready to leave, and often multitask by doing my hair at the same time, the length of the cord allows for easy moving around, I really like that as well.
I believe it comes with a case for it as well, I say "I believe" because I have received it from the sampler and I didn't personally purchase it on line, the straightener came with all kinds of items and products therefore I do not know what exactly comes with it when one purchases it on line or buys it in store.

The sampler asked for my review as the product is new and as we all know products needs to be tested before people trust it, I would say go ahead and purchase it if you need a good straightener.
It is no longer a chore to do my hair!

I hope this has given you a lot of information about the straightener as well as I hope the images are helpful for you as well.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions! I have now used it for a while therefore I am pretty familiar with the product and I believe I will be able to answer any questions regarding it.

Cheers! xoxo



  1. Great review, looks like a great flat iron :)

  2. amazing review,thank you for posting this:))



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