Monday, May 23, 2011

Party Look and a New Kitty

Hi Everyone!

This weekend has been very busy for me, but i am not complaining as i am now a happy owner of the cutest little treasure, our little kitty “B”. He (i'm assuming its a he because 95% of red cats are male) is such a good kitty and so playful. He's very smart and energetic, he loves to play and he looooooves to scratch! I look like i went though a gigantic rose bush! Haha :) here is a picture of my little treasure.

Last week i promised you a party look and one that you could wear to a house party, there was a few looks i had in mind but i figured i'd go with a simple one since over-doing it even for the party doesn't always turn out that great! ;)

so here is what i came up with, simple and to the point, it has a party aspect to it as it is sparkly and flirtatious.

Here is how you can achieve this look:

1. Prime your eye with MAC Bare Study
Apply MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow all over the lid to the brow
2. Apply UD Bourbon Eyeliner such as it shows in the picture, since the UD eyeliner is soft and eyeshadow sticks to it well i feel these are the best to use for this look, mind you you can choose any colour eyeliner and create endless looks!
3. Then on top of the eyeliner apply any sparkly brown eyeshadow of your choice and smudge it outside of the eyeliner line with a small brush, it looks cleaner as well as stays on for much longer (match the colour of the eyeliner with the eyeshadow colour)
4. Apply glitter eyeliner of your choice to add extra “disco ball” effect to the make up
You can extend the eyeliner or make it thinner or thicker, it is all up to you and how visible you want to make the make up.
5. Apply Black Mascara or mascara with shimmer such as Cover Girl

This is a very simple look it actually takes only couple of minutes to do as well as if you loose the shimmer and sparkle you can wear this make up as an everyday look to work or hang out with friends.

I hope you enjoyed my party look this week.

Next week i will show you how to create a BOLD Party look! One you can wear to a club or if you like bold looks for house parties this one will be perfect for you!

Have a GREAT week!




  1. LOVE THIS! And it's simple enough for me to do! Also love the new kitty! : )

  2. What "sparkly brown eyeshadow" did you use?

  3. Hi! I used UD Nylon and Twice Baked. I hope that helps!

  4. oh my god!!! plz be my idol :((
    U'r so talent :((

  5. I totally love your eye liner. The application and the colour, both.
    New follower. Do check out my blog too. :)

  6. I have a ginger cat too! B is so cute :)

    Love the eyeliner, I really like sparkly browns and coppers but I can't pull off dark colors all over my lids. I'm definitely gonna try this one.

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  8. pretty it...eyeliner is looking so pretty...

    new follower
    i would love if u follow back

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  11. aww, what a beautiful kitty cat, he is adorable!
    I love your eye makeup, amazing!
    Great blog by the way :)
    Have a nice day doll!




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