Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gothic Violet Make Up

Hi Everyone!

Last week i was not able to post anything make up related so i decided to use that occasion to introduce you to a new member of my house :) see my previous post to see pictures of my new pet :)

To make this up to you i decided to show you not one but TWO looks today, both pretty funky :)

First is a Gothic look i came up with on a spot, i designed it on a piece of paper i tried to make it as funky as possible and something that really stood out. it's not a usual look for me but i wanted to try it and i think it looks pretty good! lol
What do you think?

here is how to achieve this look

Step by Step:

1. Apply MAC Bare Study as Base all over the lid up until the brow
2. Apply NYX Milk Jumbo EyePencil on top of the MAC Base
3. On top of the MIlk apply MAC's Vanilla and just on the moving part of the lid itself apply Gesso
4. In the crease apply MAC's Print, just a thin line
5. Follow the same steps to prepare the bottom eyelid.
6. Now you can use your creativity to apply eyeliner any way you wish and any way it will flatter your eye shape. you can use MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline and different types of eyeliner brushes to achieve any look you want!


✭ ✭ ✭

My second look is a Purple Star look, it is so simple you can achieve it within 5 minutes!

Here is how to do it...

Step by Step

1. Apply MAC Bare Study Paint Pot to the entire lid up until the brow.
2. Apply Purple Ben Nye Lumiere Creme as a base on the entire lid and half way to the brows, it is stickily enough to keep sparkles on.
3. Apply Ben Nye Sparklers in MD - Galactic Violet all over the area where you applied purple base
4. Apply MAC Eyeshadow in Shroom just above the purple colour base
5. Apply MAC Eyeshadow in Vanilla as a highlight
6. in the inner lower corner of the eye as well as on the outer corner where two eye lids meet, apply a bit of white base, Milk by NYX is a great one. You can also apply it to the bottom waterline.
7. On top of white base in the inner corner and the outer corner, apply MAC Eyeshadow in Gesso and then on top add a bit of White Frost
8. With MAC Blacktrack Fluidline apply a line to the bottom lid so the inner and outer end of it point down, at the bottom lid apply a thin line and allow the outer end to slightly point up
9. Apply Mascara to top and bottom lashes, i used Lise Watier Feline

i hope you enjoyed both of the make up looks today,
next week i will introduce you to a house party look :) Since it is a May 24 weekend which is a long weekend, my boyfriend and i are organizing a house party it will be a good opportunity for that ;)




  1. Love them both, but the first one is simply stunning :)

  2. the first one is very impressive!

  3. i luv the first luv but im madly in luv wit the 2nd look~~~so so so pretty~~~~~~i think the purple just bring otu your green eye so much that it sparkles~~~~

    Btw im holding a giveaway that include prizes from UD, Too Faced Lush, if you are feeling lucky come and sign up


  4. The gothic look is beautiful, I can just imagine someone cosplaying using that look :3

  5. The Gothic look is very surprising and nice...I think one should play and experiment with make up to recreate new looks and make a routine life cosmetics

  6. Your so talented, I wish I could do half the things you can do with Makeup

  7. Wow! great blog ... and your makeup are so beautiful! I love both these two ... I don't know which one I prefer ... happy to follow you and take some makeup tricks ... a kiss from Italy



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