Sunday, May 1, 2011

Teal Cloud

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful week, mine was pretty busy with work but fortunately i still found some time to see my friends as well as prepare for my blog entry this week. And so here it is! :)

i'd love to show you a beautiful Teal look i came up with over the weekend, i am absolutely in love with a teal colour and this look was actually inspired by a nail polish from the new MAC Collection "Quite Cute" it's called Mischievous and its a beautiful light teal colour, i just had to have it :P

here is what it looks like, my camera was being finicky and didn't properly show the colour so i had to grab a picture from on line.

And here is the make up:

this is how you can achieve this look:

(All the products listed are just guidelines of products to use to give you the effect from the presented make up ideas)

1. Prime your eye with MAC Groundwork Paint pot almost all the way up to the brow
2. Apply a thin layer NYX Milk Jumbo EyeLiner to an outlined area of your upper and bottom eyelid, do not blend in
3. To get the teal colour as is showing on the picture I mixed Ben Nye Turquoise and Iced Gold, and applied it ONLY to the lid where the Milk was applied in step 2.
4. Apply MAC Lucky Green only a little bit to the outer corner for a green reflection
5. To the bottom outer lid apply MAC Blue Calm and just on the VERY outer MAC Deep Truth
6. Just above the the teal on the top lid apply MAC Coquette and on top of Coquette a thin layer of MAC Shroom. Try to not blend the teal and Coquette together, to separate them even more you might want to use a thin brush and apply a thin line of the Coquette just above the teal
7. Use MACs Vanilla as a highlight and to blend out Coquette
8. Outline top and bottom eyelash line with MACs Blacktrack Fluid Line, wing it! ;)
9. A Mascara i used Feline Lise Watier

i fee this make up has a beautiful effect and can be even worn as an everyday look as the bright colours are dimmed with neutrals.

...................................................................... ✭

And now, as promised last week i will "demonstrate" how i achieved the Silver Rock look.

Remember this?

Products and Techniques I used:

(All the products listed are just guidelines of products to use to give you the effect from the presented make up ideas)

1. Prime eye with MAC Bare Study Paint Pot (any primer will do)
2. Prime just the lid part of the eye with NYX Black Jumbo Eyeliner
3. On the area with the Black primer apply yaby pp052 platinum (medium silver with metallic finish)
4. Starting from the outer corner of the eye in the direction of the brow (half way though) apply MACs Coquette somewhat heavily then pulled the shadow in the direction of the centre of the lid, with more shadow come all the way to the inner corner of the eye
5. Clean up the outer corner for a clean straight line with a light eyeshadow, i used MACs Vanilla, going up to the brow as well as you may extend with a small angled eyeliner brush it to make a pointy effect for more on the edge look or smooth it out for a more everyday look
6. With MACs Print darken the outer corner of the eye
7. With MACs Vanilla smooth out the edge of the eyeshadow underneath the brow and use it as highlight, apply a small amount in the inner corner as well
8. With a narrow brush apply MACs Print to the bottom lid just on the outer corner.
9. Apply a small amount of black eyeliner to the top lash line all the way to the inner corner, i used MAC Blacktrack, as well as apply it to the waterline
10. Apply a thick coat of Mascara, i used Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express

As you can see there is not too many steps and they are fairly easy. This could be an everyday look or if you like the edgy style :) or an evening or date look.

I hope you will try it out as it is a very flattering make up shape for most eye shapes.

Let me know how it turned out!!! :)

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week, see you next week!! <3



  1. Its soo beautiful, I luv it! Just followed you.



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