Monday, April 19, 2010

Smokey Eye Tutorial - Video

Hi Everyone!

I know that most of you are familiar with the following tutorial since this is just a video version of the Smokey Eye Tutorial from March. I decided to put it in a video format for my YouTube fans :P

Here it is:

The music is awesome so go ahead and watch if you want even if you know the content :D



  1. Really simple, yet beautiful! You have to do a full video tutorial soon Klaudia! x

  2. I loved this melody, I've been listening to it all the time last summer. I didn't know you liked Romanian songs. :)

  3. Hi there. I was doing a google search on Fig 1 looks and found your blog. I am a partner with YouTube and have a blog as well. I just thought I would introduce myself and let you know that I was looking for something to do for work tomorrow using Fig 1 and I will be using your look below. This is my is nice to meet you:) Jennifer...

  4. I love ur videos!



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