Thursday, April 15, 2010

Klaudia and...her hands :P

Hi My Lovely Followers

I though it would be so cool to show you something i discovered today :P i knew that the picture would eventually be sent to the public but i didn't know when or how, so today i went on the blog of my Make up school and found this

you're probably thinking as to why i'm so excited about the picture above hehe
well the right top corner hands are mine LOL i thought it was so cute :P
this picture was taken when i went to my school for my orientation and they just happened to be in the middle of a fun photo shoot, i lend them my hands as my Program Coordinator states on the Academy's blog :P Click here to see the blog, it's the March 21st post

anyway here is my quick update on my life while i struggle with my flu and a new condition: my growing in wisdom tooth... ALL AT ONCE... why?!?!?! ... ugh...

OH and i wanted to THANK ALL YOU SWEET GIRLS that have been leaving me such nice get well comments :) I appreciate them so much, they make me feel a sooo much better :) I cant wait to get back on my feet, be done with exams and have time to post ALL THE NEW LOOKS that are piling in my head :P

Love you guys



  1. I love it, so cute!! Congrats! I added your website to the blogroll on my page! xoxo

  2. So cute!

    Aww wisdom teeth suck so does the flu! I hope you feel better soon! :-)

  3. Get well ... wisdom teeth ... bahhhhhhh .. I have bad memories! Kiss.

  4. Ickk.. wisdom teeth. I now have to have braces for the second time since my ortho didn't put a permanent wire behind my lower front teeth before so now they have reverted. I feel your pain.. ish.
    Hope the flu goes away soon.. eat/drink chicken soup! xx

  5. hey hun i got a contest going on if you're interested thought it would be fun heres my link

  6. aww thank you my lovely blog friends :) you are all sooo sweet :) I will try and get well as soon as possible (i will drink chicken soup! haha) and i already saw the contest i have some ideas as to what i want to do :D



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