Saturday, April 3, 2010

First day @ Make Up Academy :D

Hi Everyone :)

Many of you by now know i have just started my make up school!!! i'm absolutely in love with the program already and i had so much fun the first day.. omg.. where to start???... there is so many thing i want to tell you and i have no idea where to start haha
alright so from the beginning:
i started looking into make up colleges about 3-4 months ago but nothing seemed to interest me because the course was either too long or it was not concentrated mainly on make up artistry or it was just out of my price range... :S
so i started looking at academies! i found few that i was interested in and i scheduled orientations with them to find out more and choose the one that would suit me best! :) i finally found THE ONE!!!! i'm not going to mention the name of it because i did not ask my program coordinator whether i could do so, i might ask later and let you know :)
so from the beginning i really liked my program coordinator and i loved what the school had to offer, they were very concentrated on make up artistry.
the courses i choose came in a bundle which made it cheaper in the long run. i believe there is a beginner make up course then there is film and fashion make up, airbrush course, fantasy make up and permanent lashes extension (exciting!). the tuition also covers the starters kit for each of the courses :) and let me tell you, the kit itself is worth going to the school HAHA :) just kidding! lol but really on Thursday (which was my first day) we got our make up cases.. FULL of MAC AND MUFE cosmetics! IT WAS BETTER THAN A CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!!!!!!!! you will see later on what was in the case, in my soon to come videos :) thats is also very exciting :)
The other 2 girls that are taking the same courses at the same time are also very lovely :) we clicked the first day we met and even had a lunch together at Timmies :) yes, only 2 other girls, lol the academy wants to have minimal classes to give as much attention to individuals as possible (that is another reason as to why i chose that school) out trainer is very nice also and very knowledgeable :) she has worked for many cosmetic companies in the make up artistry department so she is definitely going to fill our heads with amazing information and tricks as well as teach us great techniques and make up ethics :) oh one more thing, its rather funny, hehe we got a rubber face to practice on lol i named mine Sally sort for Salmacis :) i will introduce you to her later on :)
i have learned so much the first day and i will do my best to share that knowledge with you in my videos that i am planning to start posting very soon :D

Thanks for stopping by and reading :)



  1. I'm glad you like it! I can't even imagine with your current amazing makeup skills how you could get ANY better, but I look forward to seeing it!!

    I also can't wait to see your traincase full of goodies!

  2. I'm having the same issue with choosing a good makeup school. :(
    I'm planning on going to my local county college to continue in art but go to a makeup school at the same time.. but every school around here is cosmetology.. and I have no interest to put a lot of money and time into a course that doesn't focus on makeup. (Our cheapest was 15k and mainly for hair, with a small portion focused on hair and nails. I actually think that nails got more attention in every program I looked at!)

    I'm glad you found a good one! It sounds so exciting, and the small classes seem great! :)

  3. @Kristennn thanks :) it's so sweet of you!!! :D i'm sure that there is much more to learn though :P and i am excited to be sharing that knowledge with everyone :D

    @casey aimee oh no! that's too bad! :( i am sure that you will find something just right for you soon! :D don't give up ok? :) i had the same issues and finally i found it :)

  4. great to hear! enjoy and let us know how everything turns out xoxo

  5. So exciting!! What an awesome opportunity!

  6. That sound great! Really happy for u...good luck!! :D

  7. Oh gosh this sounds so exciting! I can't wait to see pictures, videos, and hear about the interesting things they teach you there!

    yep yep I'm so excited for you!!!


  8. Thanks girls :D you have no idea how much it means to me to hear you are supporting me and that you're excited for me :) i LOOOOOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Have an Egg-ceptional
    Easter !!!

    Ps: Good luck with make up school !!!

  10. Have an Egg-ceptional
    Easter !!!

    Ps: Good luck with makeup school !!!

  11. OMG!!! I've been looking into makeup schools in the Toronto area but It's hard to pick the best one as I don't know anyone who has gone to a makeup school. This must be soo exciting!! Especially the case full of MAC AND MUFE! Keep us updated on what kind of things you learn there and whether it's worth it. I hope you tell us the name of the school so even I can look into it. Hopefully it isnt too far away. Good luck!

  12. This. Sounds. Amazing.

    Makes me wonder why I'm even still at university, haha.

    Please keep us updated!!!

  13. I'm so excited for you! I started at an academy two Thursdays ago too, though last Thursday we didn't have classes due to Easter so that makes us basically on par, LOL!
    I'm studying with two girls that were MAC trainers, they're so friendly and talented, I'm so excited! I've been to other schools but this one is just different. Well, we'll be in touch! I'll definitely share what I learn with you, if you want :)



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