Friday, April 2, 2010

Threes Tag! FUN :D

TAG: 3 of Me

I got tagged by Sanny at :D
I'm so happy you tagged me in this post :) It's really cute and fun!

3 Names I go by:
❤ Klaudia
❤ Klaudster (boyfriend's sister)
❤ Loopy (by my boyfriend)

3 Jobs I've had:
❤ Salad Bar
❤ Supervisor at Childcare Centre
❤ Bank Call Centre

3 Places I've lived:
❤ Poland (born and lived there until I was 14)
❤ France (when i was 5)
❤ Canada (since i was 14)

3 Favourite drinks:
❤ Lemon Juice
❤ Ginger Ale
❤ Butter Scotch Hot Smoothie

3 TV shows I watch:
❤ In Treatment
... sorry i don't watch much TV

3 Places I've been:
❤ Czech Republic
❤ Austria

3 Places I'd like to visit:
❤ Australia!!!
❤ Spain
❤ Fiji

3 People who text me regularly:
❤ my Boyfriend
❤ boyfriend's sister (BBM)
❤ my best friend

3 Favourite old TV shows:
❤ Sailor Moon!!!
❤ Full House
❤ Buggs Bunny

3 Favourite dishes:
❤ Thai-pad thai
❤ Indian-any!
❤ Polish-pierogi (there is no "s" at the end lol)

3 Make-up products I can't live without:
❤ Powder Foundation (Faces)
❤ Blush - any... just something rosy
❤ Mascara (voluminous)

Three People I tag are:
1. Special K
2. Lipstick Rules
3. Lora

Have Fun Girls!!! :)



  1. "pierogi (there is no "s" at the end lol)"

    I can't stress that enough, haha. It bugs my mum out when people add an 's' at the end. (plus everytime we go food shopping, i get to hear her complain about all the commercialized frozen ones at the store.. :)



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