Friday, April 16, 2010

Sheer Arabic Eye

Hi My Lovelies :)

so... i was watching this interview about what kind of make up is going to be in style for spring and one lady there said that sheer colours rather that intense, full coverage colours. I figured I would do something with it, so here it is :)

Products I used:
Faces eye primer
Eyeshadows are from BOS II
from the top
- Sellout
Then Pigment Azalea from Ben Nye
cont'd with BOS II
- Ecstasy
-Half Baked
-Nylon (inner part of the lid)
Eyeliner from Faces
Mascara L'Oreal Voluminous

here are the other views

I hope you like it :D

Thank you for reading and following
i'm looking forward to comments, requests and suggestions :)



  1. Amazing look! Just tweeted about your blog and how talented you are :-)

  2. Wow I love the different tones, and the blending is just perfect.

  3. love it! amzing how the colors all mix/blend well together!

  4. Finally you're back! I was undergoing a Klaudia's looks' withdraw!!! ahahaha

    Very nice looks. I wore UD's e/s from the BOSII yesterday and I forgot how they blend in so perfectly on the skin, they don't seem to just sit on the skin...

  5. Wow this is beautiful! I love how you mixed the styles, the boldness of the Arabic with the sheerness of the colours. You're so talented :)

  6. I love it! The gold that you used under your lashes looks intense =o

  7. Thanks ladies :) your comments as always are so sweet :D
    the gold underneath the lashes was the half baked, the camera picked it up really well lol

  8. Jestem pod wrażeniem... Rewelacyjny makijaż :)

  9. Very pretty! The colours are gorgeous together.

  10. how woderful! You can handle it amazingly! :)

  11. i love this blog!
    im hannah, i do most of the beauty posts on my blog with my friend.
    it covers everything from beauty and fashion to photography and modelling.
    we'd love it if you could take a look when you can:
    thankyouuuuu xoxo



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