Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brown Eyed Beauties

Hello Lovely Brown Eyed Beauties :)

AND BLUE AND GREEN AND HAZEL AND GREY lol Don't worry this make up tips will work for all of you :D
I have received a request from my friend to make a post on how to bring out brown eyes and how to make them spark! :) and i love the challenge! haha
I myself don't have brown eyes, as you know, therefore a bit of photoshop and anything can be done :P

here is a simple smokey purple eye that i believe works great for all brown eyes no matter what the skin colour is, works for light and dark skin :)

what i used was the 120 palette to achieve it.

Here are my suggestions about what specific colours to use to achieve the bright brown eye:

For light skin tones i would use lavender colours and muted purples otherwise it may bring out the unwanted imperfections of the face, fig 1 by MAC is good option because its matte, muted and dark and MAC's Beautiful Iris its a nice lavender colour, also UD's AC/DC which is a dark purple for smokey eye

For darker skin tones i would go all out and use bright purples, light but still visible purples :) try: MAC's Vibrant Grape or Creme de Violet and UD's Ecstasy which is a light purple (make sure to wear good base underneath to make the colour stand out)

that's it for purples, other colours i love to use on brown eyes are SIVERS! they make your browns sparkle uncontrollably HAHA
If you don't want to wear silver eyeshadow, you can even use it as an accent for example: silver eyeliner, when doing a natural or brown look :)

other than that blues, teals, and greens work well

and... i know that not too many people like pinks, for many reasons, they are hard to find and they are hard to match with your skin, but when you do get a nice pink try and work it :)

for light skin use lighter tones of pink and for darker skin use darker, brighter tones of pink:)

I can't tell you what to use and what not to use these are just suggestions and i used MAC and UD as examples because they are easy to find and you can match a good colour with any of them because these colours are available to look at on line, don't feel like you have to use these brands :D
Click here to visit MAC on line store

I hope this was helpful for you :) I will be posting tutorials for blue, green, gray and hazel eyes also :)
Thanks for reading and commenting :D



  1. I LOVE a purple smokey eye!! This one is gorgeous!

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  3. this is gorgeous!but I don't think I can do it on my self :(

  4. Gorgeous! I have hazel eyes and purple smokey looks totally bring out the colours more. Plus it's a great look on its own. :-)

  5. Thanks girls :) your comments are so sweet :D

    @Olivia follow my channel and you will see lots of tutorials :)
    @Kon Abaga I'm very glad to hear that my site is helpful to you :)

  6. Sweetheart, I awarded you the “I love your blog Award”.
    Your Blog is Beautiful I love reading it, so keep the posts coming.

    Check out the Award:


  7. Gorgeous smoky eye! Purple looks great on all eye colours, IMO. Great photoshop job too! XO

  8. love love love!! ur good! i love purples and you do it well!

  9. I LOVE PURPLE!!!!!!! and purple looks so good on you! very nice blending too!

  10. This makeup looks wonderful on hazel or green eyes <3

  11. I love it...looks gorgeous!

    I've tagged you for an award, take a look at my blog. x

  12. I know you used the 120 pallet but what shadows in the pallet? Could you somehow take a picture and show me which colors you used. Pleas my email is

  13. This is the most amazing color of smoky purple I've ever did an incredible job.

    My jaw dropped open when I scrolled down and saw that you used the 120 palette. I hate my 120, and think it's a piece of crap. But the complex shade of purple you coaxed out of that palette is truly amazing, and you've inspired me to dig mine out, and give it another go.

    The smooth and silky look of your lashes is absolutely beautiful, as well. I'm assuming you used a half-strip for the top, but what mascara did you use on the bottom lashes (or is it Photoshopped)? They look so natural yet luxe.

    Would you mind telling me what exact colors you used from the 120 palette? I'm in awe of your work here. Thanks!



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