Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MAC Yellow and Purple Make Up Tutorial

Hello Everyone :)

So i looked at the poll results and i see that majority of you want to see more make up tutorials :) Not a problem :D here is one!!!
LOL seems like now i will have much more time to create videos since today was my last day at my college, all exams are done and over with and i am a FREE woman!!!!... well except for the face that i need to find a full time job now LOL BUT IT FEEL SOOOOOO GOOD to be done with school!!
anyway enough of that blabber LOL

Here is the video:

I hope you enjoyed it!!!!!

Looking forward to comments, requests and suggestions :)



  1. hello Claudia,how are you?I'm going to do videos too,I'm not still sure to upload them!...
    actually I'm going to speak italian but maybe I could challenge myself in english too!
    this makup is wow!

  2. Congratulation on the end of school. Hope you find a job that not only pays but also makes you happy.
    I wish I could see the tutorial (my work does not allow vides so they disabeled all players), perhaps you can take a few pictures of the finished that those like me that are stuck and have no video can still enjoy your beautiful looks :)

  3. Congrats on finishing school! I hope something comes your way soon =)
    Question: What colours don't look good on you? LOL!

  4. Yay for finishing school!

    I love the look! So beautiful! :-)

  5. Congrats hunni!! ive tagged you again :p

  6. Yay for being done with school and more tutorials :-)

  7. Ooh congrats on finishing school! Exciting times =]

  8. omg this is sooo pretty klaudia :)

    congratulations on finishing school. I remember when i took my last final exam in college. I was so happy i had to party lol. Good luck with job hunting.



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