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Favourites of the Month - Part II and III - 3 Body and 3 Hair Products

Hello Everyone!

This is a continuation of the 4 part series on my favourite products of month March. In part 2 i will talk about favourite Body products. I did use them, and my reviews are based on my actual experience, sorry for the lack of actual images though, i am not at home to take pictures :P and i wanted to post this already, since it's the last day of March :) DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT ALSO MEANS??? MY FIRST CLASS OF MAKEUP SCHOOL IS TOMORROW!!! :D YYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!
haha anyway... so the 3 Favourite Body Products for March are:

1. Each Peach from LUSH

obviously i don't have to expand on this product because everyone knows how excellent Lush products are :) just briefly why it was my favourite of March: it really moisturized my skin and it is so nice to put on. It melts on your body so you can evenly distribute it, and it smells delicious :) not like peaches though :S but like ORANGES :) yum :) It gave my body the moisture it needed on the cold weather (it contains Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter) and also putting it on my skin in the morning awaken my senses (smells like fresh fruit) which allowed me to be fresh and awake on a cold, dark morning. Price is very reasonable, because it last long, $8.95.

2. St. Ives Apricot Scrub

I usually buy this scrub in a bigger container just because not only i love it, but also my boyfriend does :P in our house it goes pretty fast :) its excellent for face as well as for body, and as my boyfriend would probably like to add "excellent to exfoliate your face before shaving", so ladies can use it to exfoliate they skin on their legs, for example :) I use it everyday because it is quite gentle on your skin, and i have pretty delicate skin, I don't scrub for long though because it might leave my face looking red for a while after the shower. It has a very pleasant smell and i am not even afraid to use it softly on my eye area. Very inexpensive for a large size, depending on where you get it, it may cost you as little as $4.

3. Glove me Tender Hand Cream by Bath and Body Works

At one point in my reviews you will realize that I am a total Shea Butter freak :P I loooooove Shea Butter, it is just such an amazing ingredient :) i buy certain things just because they contain it. I have a very sensitive skin and i get easily irritated by certain products that's why the soothing qualities of Shea Butter are so lovely :) This hand cream of course! contain Shea Butter also along with other wonderful ingredients that keep your hands soft during cold, dry days. It smells a little citrusy and you really need just a tiny drop on your hands, great payoff! even though the price might be shocking for a hand cream, trust me it will last a really long time :) SPF 15 is also great since it protects your skin from aging, and protects you from damaging qualities of sun rays, great product to use all year long :) price: $15.

This concludes my 3 Favourite Products of March for Body

Now onto 3 Favourite Products of March for Hair :)

1. Matrix Essentials So Silver Shampoo

Since I die my hair blonde, i need a shampoo that will help my colour treated hair from yellowing, this shampoo is excellent for that very reason. You can actually see the difference it makes. You shouldn't wash your hair with it everyday because its quite strong and might strip your hair from its natural oils if you use it too often. When i wash my hair with my regular shampoo my hair seems much more dull and yellow, then when i wash it with So Silver, it actually gives you that silver glow to your hair colour. The shampoo is a dark purple colour but it turns quite white as soon as it lathers up :) it must also contain some kind of conditioning ingredients because my hair feels soft after washing it even without conditioner, i still use a conditioner but i don't feel like i really have to. The smell is quite gross however... i dunno... to me it smells like fresh picked tomatoes LOL i know weird huh?! :P the price is quite high too (i think it cost me about $18) but it last for a long time since you only use a little bit 2-4 times in a week. Despite the price and the smell i would not hesitate to repurchase it.

2. Got 2b Smooth Operator Lustre Lotion

IT HAS A CHARM!!! SO CUTE! BUT obviously NOT the reason why it is my favourite HAHA. It smells FANTASTIC, kind of fruity, maybe candy-like almost, just wonderful :) my bf loves that smell also, he comments on it A LOT! just as a side note the hair spray from that line smells just as good, weird because hair sprays usually smell awful! Back to Lotion, it works really well. It untangles my hair and makes them soft... sooooo soft! I was skeptical about it because it was so inexpensive and all that fancy packaging... seemed like what was inside was just going to be... lets say... not so good. But it turned out great! When i bought it, i think it was on a major sale, because i got it for like $4.

3. Sunsilk Daring Volume Volumizing Spray

This product i got later on in March and i just fell in love with it from the first use. It definitely gives you volume, lots of it, no questions about it, the best part of it however, it made my hair look fresh and "just-blow-dried" all day long, bouncy and shiny, no hairspray needed! It was amazing! smells pretty good to, nothing too irritating :) i don't know the price because i got it from my boyfriends sister :S sorry...

This concludes me second and third part of Favourites for March, stay tuned for part 4 :)

I hope you are enjoying my reviews so far :) Thank you for reading and commenting, thank you for following and for being so sweet :D


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  1. geez why don't we have that Sunsilk thingy? I want it! I hope it gets here soon!!!
    And to think, Sunsilk is a Spanish company and I am just 2 hrs away from Spain...



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