Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hi Sweeties :)

I woke up this morning and as always went to check my little blog and such a nice surprise!!! 100 followers! Just amazing :D It feels so great to have that many followers who are interested in what i do. Over the course of almost 1 month I have read so many wonderful things and comments and i would like to believe that i have made friends, i know some of you are far, like Ireland, Italy, different regions of US, and many many more. i am just hoping that one day i could meet with you and personally thank you for making this blogging experience such a joy :) I love you guys!!!! It makes my heart grow!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! For following, for commenting for tweeting for e-mailing just for being your wonderful self! ♥♥♥
You all mean so much to me and you all are so nice and sweet :) I hope all of you read it so you all know how wonderfully beautiful and great and sweet you are :)



  1. Congrats!!! There will be many more to come!! :-)

  2. Congratulations!! You are so talented -- this is only your first 100 -- many more to come I'm sure.
    hugs from Canada!

  3. @ LipstickRules Thank you so much :) and yay Canada :) I saw on your blog you're in Toronto, I am in Mississauga so there is a possibility that i will be able to thank you personally :) haha

    @LipGlossGossip Thanks luv :)

  4. @Klaudia: I'm a nerd - for some reason I thought you were in Europe! LOL. I'm VERY close by - I'm actually in Oakville. Join our Toronto Beauty Blogger blog -- a bunch of us Toronto-based bloggers get together every so often. Link is on my site!

  5. Hehe I wouldn't know a place called Missisauga even existed unless it wasn't for hockey. A Finnish player played in Missisauga IceDogs for a couple seasons, that's how I know about Missisauga. :D Congrats on the 100 followers!

  6. Congratulations! you deserve so many more followers! I love your blog! :D



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