Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mint Cake!!!

Hello Everyone!

What do you think of my title?? lol... so creative huh? :P to be honest that's exactly what this make up reminds me of! a chocolate mint cake :) i'm weird... don't ask lol
it was a combination of many styles i really like, i combined them to this:

i used:
MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as base
MAC e/s Crystal Avalanche all over lid
Urban Decay Flipside and Homegrown (crease) Twice Baked and YDK (above crease) all in BOS II
MAC Vanilla for highlight
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
then on the top of liner Urban Decay's Misdemeanor BOS II
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero in waterline
bottom green line is Ben Nye's Jade pigment
L'Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black

There you go :) and here are other views:


I hope you will like this look

Hope to hear from you, thank you for reading and following you guys are amazing xo for all!!!!



  1. I absolutellyy LOVE that combination!! Those colours never look that good on me

  2. This look is lovely :) i love the green on the bottom!


  3. gorgeous!! ahhh I see now how milk works! :D I have heard the jumbo pencils crease like crazy... is this true? paint pots crease on me as well, so its a bit pants! Think I should steer clear? xx

  4. the colour choice is amazing,I'm gonna reply it're so talented my dear ;)

  5. pretty!! I love the green on the lower lashline :)

  6. Wow! Such a gorgeous look!

  7. beautiful!! that ben nye's jade pigment on the bottom looks so pretty

  8. Thank you!! that helped so much! I have quite oily lids though, so the NYX pencils probably wont be too good for me :( too bad because they seem so handy!
    I am thinking of trying a more pastel look, but im not sure what colours to go for... any ideas!? xx

  9. Love this look! I love mint and chocolate together, I've yet to try the cake but after eight mints are wonderful!
    Just as good as this makeup ;)

  10. Its sooo pretty. I should do food inspired makeup lol like deserts ^_^

  11. This is so gorgeous! I love you blog- all your makeup looks are stunning! :)


  12. I love this look!!! I love green!!! Kises ^^

  13. thank you s much for the wonderful comments :) i'm sorry i'm responding so late to all of those of you who commented, i have been so busy!

  14. WOW! Amazing! I LOVE that green on your lower lash line! So beautiful! I can look at your looks all day! Lol! :-)

  15. I love it! You have such great EOTDS!



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