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Favourites of the Month - Part I - 10 FACE products

Hey Everyone!

I was so busy last two days and didn't even have a chance to go on my blog!!! :O HORRIBLE!!!! but the weekend started and i am ready to blog again :)

I have so much to share with you guys, i went shopping and i want to do a haul and i have so many products reviews and they just keep piling in my head lol so i decided to do this first...

I wanted to start presenting my favourite products of each month, i know that i didn't do one in february but please forgive me :P
In this part one of this 4 part series i will be talking about my favourite FACE products.

but before that!!! let me introduce you to my work space :D

it shows all that is usually on it, my cotton swabs which i must have at all times, they are my friend :P and my vision board! i sometimes put a make up or hair idea on it and recreate it when i have time. i have pictures of places that i want to go to one day on there too, but you can hardly see it on the top left corner. the "locked" drawer with my make up (i live with 3 other teenager girls!!! :P JUST KIDDING!!! LOVE YOU MAIA, TIFFANY AND BRITTANY!!!!!) that drawer is never locked lol :P
my brushes, a very small collection (not for long) and pallets
oh and of course a picture of my lovely boyfriend :) i need to make a post for/about him one day because he is the photographer, and this blog would not exist if it wasn't for him :* :* :*

here is my crafty creativity coming out:

my friend Sadia found this box (used to be a plain wooden box) and i turned it this, DONT WORRY lol it's not done haha i will work on it a bit more :)
I like it and i decided to keep my pigments in it :D

and the pink flower i got from my boyfriend's mom :) She knows how much i love orchids :D

ALRIGHT.... on with the program!

Favourite Products of February - PART I - FACE


and now individual along with the reviews:

lets start of with this Cover Girl Lipgloss in Pink Positive (i love the name lol), i really liked this lipgloss in March because it has a very delicate pink colour which was great for everyday wear, in March the weather is still not so great so its lip balm qualities kept my lips look and feel great. The smell and taste is so refreshing, it has a spear mint flavour :)

here is a swatch

next is

MAC's Woodwinked e/s. I really like this e/s because it is great to wear it just by itself with some mascara, and i don't know about you, but i in the middle of late winter/early spring, like to get my sleep so waking up in the morning 40 minutes earlier to do a fancy make up is not in my schedule... i just like to put one or two eyeshadows, mascara and go... this one served me pretty well during my lazy mornings, which you can tell because i am definitely hitting the metal pan lol it's very pigmented and multidimensional therefore it looked like i am wearing many shades of brown colours :)


next is

MAC's FIX + Skin refresher/Finishing Mist
This product, i feel, will be a favourite of each month haha :P it just works for all seasons. In March we get those rainy days and without the Fix + all my make up would be running down my face. In the warmer weather it refreshed your skin and and provides it with vitamins, at the same time making your make up look more natural. Its good to use with pigments also, It makes them look more vibrant, and i could talk about this product all day but i'm gonna stop here! LOL

next in line is

The depoted version of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
I have already talked about this product in my previous post so here is just a reason as to why it was a favourite in March. And the answer is simple, i like to bring back spring by wearing a lot of bright spring coloured make ups and Milk has helped me achieve the looks i desired :) giving me a nice smooth white base underneath my bright colours :)


then we have

my favourite eyeliner brush :) got if from Sephora, pink edition :) CUTE!
I can't imagine doing my make up without it. Great just GREAT eyeliner brush, its my favourite of March because i got it in March and i absolutely fell in love with it from the first use :) .. again, a possibility of being the every month fave!

and a close up

next is...

MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack
I really like this product because you can really build it up. I mean in March wanting to wear all these spring colours i wanted to be able to wear a little less eyeliner to make the looks softer, more wearable and this eyeliner definitely helped me achieve that.

here is a swatch, the line was done with the Sephora eyeliner brush, mentioned above


NYX Blush in Natural
Again i talked about this blush in one of my previous posts therefore i will just say why i liked it in March, the answer is simpler than you think. ITS BECAUSE IM EXTREMELY PALE IN WINTER :P and the brush is of the lightest colour i ever tried and it still shows quite nicely :)

see swatch in my previous post (MUG Store)

next is...

Ben Nye Pigment in Golden Apricot
I love this colour it is my favourite shade and have been looking for one like this for a very long time and i finally found one. Wonderful for natural make up, which i love to wear and a good thing about this pigment is that you can really dress it up, great for work, because its not too bright but it still shows its beautiful shimmers :) i just love it!!!

(wearing bright looks is great but for work sometimes its not appropriate hence the browns and apricot colours :P)


then we have

which is my wonderful Faces Perfecting Skin Smoother which makes for a great base underneath liquid or powder foundation
It is so velvety i absolutely adore it. It wears all day plus its moisturizing and my skin needs all the moisture it can get on cold March days :)

here is a little drop to show you how it looks

ok almost done, hang in there ok? :) i just really want you to have a good idea of what's worth buying. i always like to see someone else use it before i buy it because it is a better chance i might like it :D

last but not least!

Wonderful Clinique Superbalanced Makeup
I know that Nikki did a review on this product back in February, as one of her February Favourites, i remember commenting on how i love the foundation so here it is :) I love it because it moisturizes my face, it covers it quite well yet it feels as if i put on just a light moisturizer :) it gives my skin all the hydration i need in March and it is very easy to put on.


with flash

without a flash

ALRIGHT so we are done! haha
I honestly hope i didn't bore you to death lol and that you find this post helpful :)



  1. i love the mac eyeshadow! amazing!

    xo tiffany

  2. Thank you for your comment! It was very nice :)

  3. Some of my favorites too! I love fix+, if i don't spray it on after my powder foundation, my face feels weird and tight and just unfinished. :)

  4. Hey Klaudia, thanks for stopping by. I wanted to make more videos but I'm not good at editing and, i was a little scared too. Theres a lot of mean people in the internet who never think before they speak and i was kind of afraid of that. But I'm thinking of making more videos now. and I encourage you to make your first video. I felt weird watching myself for the first time lol.

    I love your work space. Mine is way smaller than yours lol

    and I didn't know ben nye made pigments. The color looks gorgeous.

  5. I love the super balanced foundation from Clinique :) it`s my fav. too

    Great reviews,thanks :)

  6. I have the MAC Woodwinked, too! I actually received it as a Christmas gift from one my best friends. Glad to you know you feel the same way about it that I do. It is marvelous, whether alone or paired with another shadow, I simply love it! :D

  7. @Tiffany thanks for stooping by and commenting :D

    @Kasia_B no problem! and that you for stopping by :)

    AND TO EVERYONE Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting :) you're sweethearts <3

  8. Great post Apricot looks soo Gorgeous I want =)


  9. The sephora eyeliner brush looks like it works really good. I might buy it because eyeliner is a make up staple for me. GREAT post.

  10. Great post! I love seeing monthly favourites! Cheers for the shout out at well beautiful! xxx

    I am so curious about the NYX jumbo pencils... I'm not sure about milk though... How do you wear it under colours so that you dont look 'icey'? I believe a tutorial would be awesome? ;) xxx



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