Friday, March 5, 2010

Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hello Everyone!

As requested by Lydia, I am doing a Smokey Eye Tutorial, which is my second tutorial but today its going to be more detailed and longer :P
I hope you enjoy it :)

This is the final look:

And here is how i got there:

Step #1: Prime your eye with any type of base, I used MAC Bare Study Paint Pot

Step #2: Apply any medium to dark shade eyeshadow to your whole lid and even above if you want a more dramatic look, here I am using Urban Decay's Misdemeanor

Step #3: Apply a very light eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye, I am using Crystal Avalanche by MAC

Step #4: Apply a very dark eyeshadow to the outer part of the lid, go about half way in, I used Urban Decay's Perversion

Step #5: All of it needs to be very well blended before you can move to the next step

Step #6: Here you can darken your outer corner with a fair amount of very dark eyeshadow, I used NYX in Odyssey, you will need to shape the shadow and make letter "C" with your brush in order to pull that dark colour to the outer, bottom lid

Step #7: Apply your liquid eyeliner (you can create a winged look) to your top lash line, and a black pencil liner to your waterline, I used Faces liquid liner in black #1 and Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Zero

Step #8: Finally put on mascara for example L'Oreal Voluminous in Black

Add False Lashes for a more dramatic look ;)

Here are just a couple of different views (without the false lashes) :

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it was helpful to You :)

I am looking forward to comments and suggestions
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  1. Misdemeanor looks grey on you! It looks more greenish on me, but it's a lovely shade nevertheless.
    Your smokey eye is perfect :O I'll soon experiment it! Thanks for the tutorial, it is lovely!!!

  2. beautiful!! You make it look so easy too. Excellent results :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for your comments :) It just makes me want to post more heehee XOXO

  4. śliczne makijaże :) masz ogromny talent, pozazdrościć tylko.... :)

  5. love the eye color ... your eyes look fantastic with that combination between gray and black. Fabulous, girl!

  6. what if your eyes are not shaped like that, or you don't have a high brow? where do you buy the urban decay colours? LOVE the ART WORK!!!!
    I'm a FAN!!



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