Saturday, March 13, 2010

Matte About You!

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick review on a new "nail polish" i picked up yesterday when i was at the mall, I LOVE IT!
Its Essie Matte About You matte finisher.

I know that many other people did a review on this product (this is why i bought it cause it looked so interesting) but i thought what the heck, I may just as well give you my point of view hehe

Here is what it did:

On the left are two regular nail polishes and on the right are the same nail polishes but with Essie's Matte About You as a top coat.

#1 is Light a Candle by O‧P‧I (Nicole)
#2 is Sapphire in the Snow by O‧P‧I covered with Rockstar Pink by Sally Hansen

I really like this product because it gives another look to an already existing, in your make up drawer, "old" nail polish. It gives it such a smooth finish almost "milky". It is easy to put on, it smells and acts just like a regular nail polish. It is, in my opinion, the best for nail polish that contains glitter of some sort, preferably larger size glitter. Sometimes glittery nail polish may look uneven and bumpy when it dries on the nail, this Matte About You finish gives it a new dimension, one that is more even and glitter is more visible because it does not reflect so much light.

I personally love shiny nails however I believe that I need more variety this is why i thank Essie for the release of the new Matte Finish :)

See you very soon as I am about to put on another post, this time its a make up I did on my younger step-sister :)


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  1. I have the China Glaze matte top coat and I really like it. I agree it's nice to change it up a bit with something different. :-)



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