Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poll Results!! - Flower Inspired ❀

Hello Lovelies :)

Today was the last day to vote on my poll i have posted to see what kind of look you wanted to see. I gave it a good chunk of time to allow for votes to give you the chance to see a lot of my work before your vote. I wanted you to have a chance to change your vote if you changed your mind :) Well the results stated that 26 of you wanted to see a flower inspired look :) and falling to a second place it was Animal Inspired look :) i will not neglect to do the animal look also since so many of you wanted to see one. AND JUST A SUGGESTION: let me know WHICH animal you would like to see :)
Back to FLOWER... I sat down and decided what flower i wanted to get my inspiration from and i decided on a RED LILY :)

its such a beautiful flower and the makeup itself came out quite nicely. Check it out

I used:
MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Ben Nye Cosmic Violet Pigment
Ben Nye Azalea Pigment
Ben Nye Sun Yellow Pigment
120 Palette (dark purple, bright orange)
MAC e/s in Vanilla as a highlight
L'Oreal Telescopic Liquid eyeliner in Black
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye pencil in Zero in waterline
Gosh Extreme 2 Step Volume Mascara in Black
Fake Lushes: Duo (i don't know what #)

here are other views:

I hope that this has satisfied your want for the Flower look :)

Let me know if there is ANY other looks you would like me to create and i will try to my best ability to do it :)

Thank you so much for VOTING, following, reading, commenting and just for ALL your support :)




    Goreous. I love it

  2. Very Nice! Beautiful! I can definitively see the Red Lilly! Love the little dots effects not to strong, not to many, just perfect! Brava!

  3. This is so pretty! :)

    I think an Iris would be another good flower to make into a look.
    I'm trying to think of an animal that would make a really interesting look.. maybe a peacock? If that isn't really typical.. haha.

    Hope your weeks going well!


  4. @casey aimee i agree with you Iris would be nice and i might try and come up with something creative for a peacock :) but yeah it is a very popular look :P we'll see if i can come up with a different outlook on it lol

    @Naiyana and Tinuke thank you fro the sweet comments :)

  5. The colour combination is just beautiful. I enjoy seeing looks inspired by something because I find it amazing how people can translate something into make-up...I hope I can learn to do it someday XD

  6. My favorite looks are the ones inspired by nature :D

    this is just beautiful! :D

  7. WOW Beautiful you did excellent !


  8. "Quite" nice? Come on girl! This is beautiful! I didn't vote for this but it's an absolute pleasure to look at anyway. Hmmm...an animal...how about a humming-bird? I find their feathers so pretty! :)

  9. this is absolutely beautiful! LOVE that orange on the lid.

  10. Really pretty. The colors are gorgeous!

  11. your blending technique is really amazing. great job on this look!!

  12. Wow...you are gorgeous!I'm in love with your look's!excellent job....I have a blog to,you can check it out if you want!

  13. This is really pretty. Lilies are amongst my favorite flowers. Great job!

  14. Wow! Love this!

    Witam :), jak tam życie za oceanem :D?

  15. WOW! I love that look! I really like how those colours work so well together. good job :)

  16. Wonderful flower xoxo


  17. Hi, you don't happen to have a video tutorial of this look do you? I've been hanging around your blog for a couple weeks now since I first discovered it and you have an amazing talent.



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