Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MUG Store

Hi Everybody :)

I have made some purchases at the MUG (Make Up Geek) store and I wanted to share those with you since I am very excited and i really like those products :)

The actual products pictures are not my pictures, these are originals from the MUG Store, I kinda forgot to take pictures and i'm posting this while i'm at school LOL

Here are some swatches and quick overall reviews on them.

First: Ben Nye Pigments

Blues and Greens

1. Cosmic Blue
2. Jade
3. Turquoise

Reds and Pinks

1. Azalea
2. Cosmic Violet
3. Cherry Red
4. Golden Apricot


1. Sun Yellow
2. Aztec Gold
3. Iced Gold

Colous are very vibrant and they wear extremely looooong, even if you don't use a primer (it takes a while till they slide down your hand) they will definitely not wear long without any sort of primer but they look vibrant either way, here on the swatch, pigments are set on Urban Decay Primer Potion, with the primer (of any sort) they were actually quite hard to take of. I tried to take them of with water by itself, didn't work, I had to use soap to remove them. The colours are build-able also so you can wear a thin or a thick layer. There is also a wide range of colours to choose from. Knock yourself out!!! :D

Second: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils and NYX Glitter Liner

1. NYX Glitter Liner in Silver
2. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Those NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are absolutely essential to any make up artist, I LOVE THEM. They are amazing for a base underneath any eyeshadows or pigments of any brand. You do need to wear an actual Primer underneath them because they will crease. They are very creamy and without a primer may just melt into your skin. You can use them in waterline. Also using an eyeliner brush (by picking up some product from the top), you can line your upper and lower eyelid.
I have realized that its very hard to sharpen them because they are very wide, however there is a very easy way to depot them, watch out for a tutorial video on that ;)
Even after depoting them it's very easy to line your waterline with them, simply by using eyeliner brush to dip into the pot, container, whatever you choose to depot it into :) I also find them much easer to use when they are depoted. Besides you don't waste any product that way, whenever you sharpen them product gets thrown away along with the shavings.

NYX Glitter Liner is also very vibrant and it wears all day, the glitter is very dense so just one stroke gives you a lot of product, it is very vibrant as you can see. It is simply a glitter line this is why there is not much to say except for how dense it is and how long it lasts haha :) OH YEAH! It has a cute tassel :D

Third: NYX Blush in Natural

This blush is just such a joy to wear :) such a light texture and it's easy to put on, very pigmented (this colour is one of the lightest there is, that's because i'm so pale lol), it wears for a long time, I had to re-aply it only once at around 8 pm when i put in on first at 8 am, so it lasts about 12 hours.
There is a very wide range of colours and trust me all skin types can be matched :)

So there you have it :) I hope i answered at least some of your questions you might have had about any of the products. If you have any more questions DO NOT hesitate to ask :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you're having an amazing week



  1. Great swatches! love the jade shade and the glitter liner<3

  2. Love those pigments you bought, specially the gold shades! I also have the JEP in milk and black and I'm in love with those as well. I have not yet tried the NYX powder blushes but I'm curious, I have 3 cream blushes, but I didn't enjoy them much, I think I have to learn how to use them first.

  3. Hey beautiful!

    it was one of those random contests, so there's no winning makeup. They will run the same competion next monday on their facebook page, so check that space ;) I love their palettes!
    I may give some of them in a giveaway, but I'll wait until they "come to momma" before I tell. :P I can't wait to get my hands on the past limited edition ones.

    anyway fotd coming soon ;)

  4. Hi Klaudia, I think my cream blushes will dry out as well, at the moment I have no use for them. I'm thinking of buying the powder ones from NYX.



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