Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Flower

Hi Everyone ❀

Today was such a beautiful day! 12 degrees where I live, it wasn't this warm since October! All I could think of is blooming flowers, therefore I decided to put my thought into reality :) Through make up :D

I will show you how to get from a simple spring look...

...into Spring Flower like here:

Lets get started:

Step #1:
Using a medium coloured eye pencil liner draw the outline of the flower (I used Urrban Decay Eye Pencil in Bourbon)

Step #2: With a thin brush, draw 3 lines (I used MAC Bare Study Paint Pot as a base and sprinkled white eyeshadow on top - 120 palette)

Step #3: With a small brush put bright pink eyeshadow on the ends of the petals (120 palette) and with a black eyeliner draw 3 dots at the end of each white line (Faces Liquid Eyeliner in Black #1)

Step #4: With a bright orange-peach eyeshadow fill up the spaces that haven't been coloured yet (120 palette), except for the centre of the flower, leave that for the next step ;P

Step #5: With a bright lime-green fill up the middle of the flower (120 palette) and then, with the sharpened tip of a medium tone eyeliner, draw very thin lines from the spaces in between the petals to the centre of the flower


I hope You try this look :)

As always, I'm looking forward to comments and suggestions



  1. OOOH lovely! I'm gonna try that sooner or later (quite sure mine will be a failure, but...)it looks fun!

  2. Gorgeous!!! This is absolutely Great!!! Thanks you for sharing.


  3. Hey hon! Gorgeous look, thanks for sharing the steps to achieving that pretty flower! 12 degrees? Cold! Here it's transitioning to autumn and today was freezing! LOL XO

  4. Thanks so much for the sweet words :x

  5. oh wow you are so talented :O Great job again!



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